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What is the electoral bonds drama going on in simple words?

The James Bond series of movies which began in the 1960s are still quite popular and have grossed over $ 20 billion. $ 20 billion in Rupees would be approximately Rs 16.5 lac crore. The Electoral Bonds drama, directed by Modi and Jaitley began only in 2017. The Electoral Bonds drama has till date grossed approximately Rs 16,500 crores, with BJP bagging approximately Rs 8,000 crores. Electoral Bonds drama fades in comparison to the James Bond series. I will not blame Modi for not trying to make it bigger than James Bond; after all Modi likes things big-biggest statue in the world of Sardar Patel (included bronze panels imported from China), biggest stadium in the world, rightfully named Modi, after (ironically) removing the name of Sardar Patel. Unfortunately for Modi, this blockbuster drama was terminated by CJI Chandrachud in Feb 2024. There is an interesting political logic to the names (for Modi names and symbols are far bigger than actions). The logic is this: Patel was bigger than Nehru but smaller than Modi, the Vishwa Guru, who stopped the Ukraine War for Indian students to transit safely (the Vishwa Guru part and the ‘War rukwa di papa’ part are both false, but that hardly matters in the Modi scheme of things. I have analyzed the Electoral Bonds drama in simple words.

Modi, deceit and opacity are intertwined. Electoral Bonds scheme was introduced as a money bill to prevent scrutiny by the Rajya Sabha. The aim was to legalize corruption, while proclaiming, ‘na khaunga, na khane doonga.’ The reality was, ‘khoob khaunga, aur khoob khanedoonga.’ Modi was getting away with all this easily (in my view) because of a scared judiciary, compromised institutions, Godi media and ‘Gobar bhakts.’ Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and the CPI (M) had challenged the scheme in 2018.

In Feb 2024 the Supreme Court suddenly displayed a strong spine and declared the Electoral Bonds scheme, which was always illegal, officially illegal. The hearts of Modi-Shah-Adani-Ambani-Godi media skipped a beat. However, they believed, ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai.’ They had sound reasons for doing so: Modi had got away in the past in the Rafale & Pegasus scams and had saved himself and corrupt Adani through dubious means in the Supreme Court. This time SBI stated a lie at the behest of Modi that it will not be able to provide the information before Jun (after the Lok Sabha elections), just like SEBI had done in the Adani case. Modi was banking on Chandrachud blinking. This time, the Supreme Court did not blink and called Modi’s bluff. The Supreme Court did not blink because of the following reasons:

  • Any decently educated person knew that SBI is lying, unlike in the SEBI case in which the masses were not that clear. The credibility of the Supreme Court had taken a lot of beating & it was fighting a battle to maintain some credibility.
  • In a time when practically all the institutions have become a laughingstock with hardly any credibility, the Supreme Court is the last battered pillar barely standing in India.
  • The Supreme Court judges do not live in a bubble but are a part of the society and influenced by the ‘mood of the nation.’ The masses wanted the truth to come out.

Now Modi-Adani-Ambani-Godi media-Gobar bhakts are having a minor heart attack. The reasons for Modi-Adani-Ambani-Godi media heart attack are that they were direct beneficiaries, and their corrupt deals are due to be exposed and prospects of losing power as well as going to jail are realistic. The reason for Gobar bhakts having a heart attack is answered in their names, that is ‘Gobar’, implying that they are idiots.

What Was Going On?

  1. Corrupt corporates bribed and got contracts.
  2. Corrupt corporates avoided being jailed by bribing.
  3. A rich guy can literally get away with murder by paying a suitable bribe in ‘Modi raaj’.
  4. The assured immunity from legal action for all criminal acts and the potential to amass immense wealth, in case a person supported Modi, made BJP a safe haven for criminals and the richest and biggest party in the world, in a poor India, where over 80 crore people have to be given free rations to survive.

What Future Holds?

The biggest scam in the Indian history appropriately took place under one of the most corrupt politicians to become India’s PM, supported by a loyal support base of dimwitted, Muslim hating Hindus. I am ashamed that a criminal gangster, Modi is my PM.

Despite the misuse of crores of black money amassed by Modi and now being used by him through Godi media and his IT Cell, it will not be possible for him to save his false image of a non-corrupt person.

Since Modi’s image is the plank on which BJP has been winning elections, this dented image will very soon become a liability and BJP does not have a plan B.

The corrupt corporates, Godi media & IT Cell will not be able to divert public attention from the truth that Modi is corrupt, ‘Chowkidar asal mein chor hai.’ The issues like Ram Mandir and efforts to incite Hindu-Muslim differences will not be able to save Modi in these elections. Modi will be tempted to do some ‘India-Pakistan’ like Pulwama, Balakot in 2019 to fool crores of Indians but I am hoping that this will fail & India will finally be rid of a corrupt-communal Modi in 2024.

Cheers India!


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