From SSB Aspirant to Adidas Manager: Satyendra Pandit’s Journey

Early Attempts and No Frills Academy

Satyendra came from a humble background and aspired to join the military. He attempted the SSB interview multiple times but wasn’t recommended. In 2014, he reached out to Colonel Nehru of No Frills Academy (NFA), seeking guidance despite his financial limitations. Colonel Nehru, impressed by Satyendra’s determination, offered him mentorship.

Learning and Growth

Colonel Nehru’s guidance focused on holistic development, emphasizing:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. General Knowledge (current affairs, economics, finance)
  3. Mental and Physical Fitness
  4. Giving Your Best Effort

Satyendra credits these lessons for his success, even though his path didn’t lead to the armed forces.

Finding his Calling in Corporate World

Satyendra had a successful stint at Tech Mahindra and then joined No Frills Sports (NFS), a venture co-founded by Colonel Nehru. After some time, he moved to L&T Infotech and then to Adidas. Currently, he is an Engineering Manager at Adidas, focusing on tech products that aid in global trading and decision-making.

Key Takeaways

  1. SSB failure is not the end.
  2. Colonel Nehru’s approach at NFA goes beyond SSB selection; it’s about developing well-rounded individuals.
  3. Focus on holistic development. Sharpen your communication skills, stay updated on current affairs, and prioritize mental and physical well-being.
  4. Give your best in whatever you do.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Satyendra’s journey took him through different companies and roles before he landed his current position.
  6. Leading by Example

The blog also shares an anecdote about a challenge Satyendra faced at Adidas. When his team lacked a QA (Quality Assurance) person, he took the initiative to learn testing himself, inspiring others to follow suit. This highlights the importance of leading by example and fostering a positive attitude.

Inspired to Pursue Your Dreams?

Satyendra’s story is a message of hope and encouragement, especially for those who might not succeed in their initial goals. By focusing on self-improvement and embracing new opportunities, you can find success in unexpected ways.

Picture of Col. MM Nehru

Col. MM Nehru

While in the Army as a Colonel, Judged Reality Show, “Mission Army-Desh ke Rakshak” of National Geographic in 2011.
Selector for Defence Services at 17 SSB, Bangalore.

SPORTS & FITNESS RELATED EXPERIENCE: Trained Services/ national/international level boxers. Trained Services athletes.
Top level Tennis player in India (above 55 years age category).

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